Marcos Basante, re-elected President of ASTIC: "We have been, we are and we will be with the sector".

On 18 June, Marcos Basante was re-elected President of the Association of International Road Transport (ASTIC).

At an assembly which took stock of the last few months, Marcos Basante also thanked "our drivers for their professionalism and in very difficult working conditions, they have been able to respond to market demands and meet everyone's needs".

In addition, the new board paid "a heartfelt tribute to all the professionals involved in these companies and to the entrepreneurs themselves who have given the best of themselves in one of the most convoluted and forceful crossroads we have ever been through".

As the end of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic finally begins to be seen, the organisation's management team, led by Marcos Basante, faces the future with new challenges and many projects.

In the words of its re-elected president, the pandemic has served to demonstrate that "our sector is strategic and essential for the economy and society".

Celebrating the recovery figures that augur great growth for the sector, Marcos Basante did not miss the opportunity to put on the table the debate on issues such as the green corridors that are still in place at borders, loading and unloading, the exchange of pallets or the rest areas that are so important, and so on.

Many issues that the elected leadership faces with seriousness and determination.

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