Truck fund Think tank Mobility
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Think Tank Mobility

The Think Tank Mobility (TT Mobility) is conceived as a "laboratory of ideas", which focuses its activity on research, in order to promote public debate on this subject. To this end, it monitors transport trends and challenges and offers innovative proposals to make the mobility of people and goods in road transport more efficient and sustainable, focusing on safety, environmental quality and health.

The main objective of the TT Mobility is to identify trends and challenges in the sector, as well as to evaluate the measures to be adopted, in order to present proposals and reflections to institutions, companies and society in general.

TT Mobility is a private, non-profit body and was founded in November 2017 in Madrid, to become a reference entity on mobility, both at national and European level, at the service of people and society as a whole.

TT Mobility is financed through the contributions of its sponsors, maintaining independence in the development of its activities, which are always carried out under the premises of quality and rigour.

The lines of work of the Mobility Think Tank focus on the following topics:


Investment in land-based infrastructure.


Enhancing transport and mobility services.


Strategic visions (mega-trucks, intermodality, etc.).


Traceability of the transport process.


Promoting clean and healthy mobility.


Taxation projected on the citizen.


Encourage meetings with other centres of thought and/or study.


Supporting freedom of movement.

Members of Think Tank Mobility

THINK TANK MOBILITY is made up of specialists of recognised prestige in the world of mobility. Its members belong to the business, institutional and educational spheres, forming a multidisciplinary group with in-depth knowledge and experience in the fields of transport and mobility.



Dr. Ingeniero de Caminos y Ldo. en Derecho (Civil Engineer and Bachelor of Law)

Eduardo González


Managing Director at Continental Automotive Spain SA

Michelangelo Ochoa de Chinchetru

President of the Board of Trustees, Corell Foundation

Javier Carbajo

Vice-President of the Corell Foundation

Walter Herrmann

Product Sector Manager, Continental Automotive Spain

Josep Mª Fortuny Olivé

Deputy Director General for Transport Organisation and Sectoral Development, Generalitat de Catalunya

Josefina de la Fuente

Director, OPUS RSE

Alberto Merino Hernández

Product Manager, Mercedes Benz Trucks Spain

Ana Gómez Arche

General Manager of PONS Road Safety

Daniel Latorre

Development Director of Citylogin

Barbadillo López

President, CONFEBUS

Alberto Waiter Orive

Lecturer Department of Civil Engineering, Transport and Territory, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

José Dionisio González

Strategy Director, U.I.T.P.

José Antonio Herce

Consultant at LoRIS

Marcos Basante Fernández

President, ASTIC

Escribano Sáez

Vice Rector for International Relations, Universidad Carlos III

José Manuel Vasallo Magro

Professor of Transport Planning TRANSYT-E.T.S.I. Roads, Canals and Ports

Juan Miguel Sánchez

Graduate in Law

Mariló Quevedo

Head of Digital Network Services EVOLUTIO

Matthias Maedge

I.R.U. General Delegate

José Victor Esteban

Secretary General of the Corell Foundation