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We are the first non-profit foundation dedicated to the promotion and development of international road transport. We were born in 1997 as an initiative of the Road Transport Association (A.S.T.I.C.), an organisation made up of the most prestigious Spanish companies in the sector and its main representative at international level. Our name is a tribute to Francisco Corell, one of the most visionary presidents of ASTIC, who understood the importance of road transport for social welfare.

Since then, we have been working for more than 20 years to provide solutions, alternatives and value proposals that contribute to laying the foundations of the new mobility. We pursue a triple objective: maintaining employability, guaranteeing safety and respecting the environment.
At Fundación Corell we understand that mobility is a basic right of citizens, and as such, good governance of mobility must be guaranteed. To this end, we work for a collaborative management of mobility that takes into account all aspects and actors that shape it today.

We want to be the partner of reference in mobility through value proposals that allow a consensual and integrated definition of mobility policies, providing even greater legal security and certainty in this regard.

In short, we have the best professionals to advise and make our work available to citizens and public administrations in order to contribute proactively to the definition of mobility policies.


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Improving road transport safety

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Promoting respect for the environment
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Expanding training for road transport stakeholders
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Achieving sustainable road transport

An Astic initiative

The International Road Transport Association (A.S.T.I.C.), made up of the most prestigious Spanish international road haulage companies for passengers and goods, is the oldest transport organisation in Spain.

Its long experience defending and representing the interests of international road transport is demonstrated by its membership of the most important International and National Transport Organisations, by its active participation in the negotiation of international agreements affecting the sector and by the relations it maintains with its counterpart organisations in other countries.
This allows it to offer its more than two hundred affiliated companies, which group together a fleet of more than 16,000 vehicles, its experience and knowledge to solve the problems that arise in international road transport and a wide range of services that improve their situation in such a competitive sector as transport.
This will of service is the one that, consequently, drove ASTIC to create a Foundation in 1997, called Francisco Corell Foundation, as a tribute and recognition to the work carried out for the benefit of international road transport by one of its most representative presidents.
The first Foundation dedicated to the Promotion and Development of international road transport and concerned about safety, training and respect for the environment in this mode of transport that was set up for the benefit of the whole society.

The Board of Trustees



Mr José Ramón Obeso Lahera


Mr. Juan Jesús Sánchez Serrano