The new mobility of people and goods under study at the Corell Foundation

The emergence of new technologies based on the digitalisation of information and the process of globalisation of the economy, coupled with the urgent need to address the consequences of the constant increase in environmental pollution and its impact on health, are causing changes in the mobility of people and goods at a pace that was unthinkable only a few years ago.

The combination of different social, technological and environmental aspects acting simultaneously on Mobility form a system of growing complexity that is constantly evolving.

The necessary legal, administrative, economic and technological organisation in an environment of rapid change demands enormous flexibility from all actors involved, including public regulators.

An innovative study

The Corell Foundation, at the proposal of its Mobility Think Tank, has carried out an analysis of the current legislation on transport, both passenger and freight, its adaptation to the growing needs of society and especially its ability to provide a regulatory framework adapted to the growing needs of Mobility. As a result of this analysis and in view of the obvious mismatches between the current regulation, with legislation that is several decades old, and the current reality, the Corell Foundation decided to draw up a draft of the Bases for a new Mobility Law.

The Corell Foundation's Mobility Think Tank has coordinated a team of specialists in mobility regulation in the elaboration of a set of bases that can serve as a starting point for legislation that regulates the foreseeable new reality of mobility, while guaranteeing the regulatory flexibility necessary to adapt to a situation of permanent change.

The team in charge of the project has been:

D. Alberto Dorrego Partner Lawyer EVERSHEDS SUTHERLAND
D. Adolfo Menéndez Lawyer ONTIER SPAIN
D. Francisco Sánchez Gamborino Lawyer specialising in transport.
D. Antonio Fortes  

Professor of Administrative Law at the Universidad Carlos III.

D. Miguel Marin Cozar Lawyer AEI Consulting
Mr. Julio López Quiroga Lawyer AVANTE LEGAL


At the event to be held on 23 March, the team in charge of preparing the bases will analyse in depth both the motivation for the work and the proposals to be made and shared with public administration bodies and sectoral organisations.


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