Aerial view of colorful freight trains
Aerial view of colorful freight trains

The Corell Foundation becomes a Partner-Protector.

The Corell Foundation, a reference organization in mobility dedicated to the promotion and development of international road transport, has now become a Partner-Protector of the European Alliance for the Development of Rail Corridors and Trans-European Transport Networks TEN-T for the Vertebration of the Iberian Peninsula and its connections with the rest of Europe.

One of the main objectives of this entity is to create a Multisectorial Alliance of Entities that want to participate in the integration of the entire Civil Society for the study, development and implementation of rail freight corridors linking the main Ports and Logistics Centers of the Iberian Peninsula from the South through the Center and North of Europe.

In addition, it aims to develop the natural corridors that cross the regions with great development potential of the Iberian Peninsula (Interior Corridors) with the objective of creating business platforms that generate economic, logistic and industrial activity and that contribute to the structuring and rebalancing of the Iberian Peninsula for the development of territories with low density, dispersion and aging of the population by means of European Compensation Funds.

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