Diesel: The new hope

The energy transformation plans designed in Europe over the last few years were based on three fundamental premises: the availability of economic resources, stability in the supply of conventional energies and sufficient time to implement the changes.

The Chinese dictatorship's inability to ensure food safety and end the swine fever epidemic in their country drove up the price of basic foodstuffs, forcing the Chinese working classes, in silver "the poor", to revert to the old ways of eating wild animals without any veterinary guarantees. The simultaneous worldwide hit of the COVID 19 pandemic has left us penniless.

The apparent structural weakness of democratic systems has led to a return of the 'strongman' theory around the world, bringing to power characters who always have 'obvious' solutions to very complex problems.

The Russian tyrant, well known for his long list of poisonings, imprisonments and "disappearances" of his opponents, has destroyed confidence in the stability of supply with his attack on Ukraine, to the "surprise of world intelligence". It should come as a surprise to no one that, in the face of the poor progress of its offensive on Ukraine, it is capable of using tactical nuclear weapons to crush the resistance of the democratic citizenry. He has just warned.

A bit of history

Just to remind you, at the beginning of February the main energy discussion in Europe was whether nuclear power and natural gas could be considered green energy or not. Today the discussion is how we are going to reduce our energy dependence on Russia and other tyrannies.

And what is actually available to us? Well, the list is very short, renewables (clean, but unstable), nuclear, coal and oil in all its varieties. Hydrogen will be there, but we don't know how long we will have to wait for it. The only thing missing is the extraction of natural gas by fracking, in imitation of the United States, but for that we need a profound change in the European mentality. We will have to wait another fortnight.

Electric industrial vehicles, due to their reduced range, are only energy efficient in urban environments and their actual volume in Spain is negligible. Hydrogen is in the prototype phase and there will be no mass production before the end of this decade. There is no news about their potential economic efficiency.

And in Spain...

The Spanish economy requires technological investment, professional skills and cheap energy. But we need time, money and above all a radical change of mentality.

Do we have to abandon the objectives of the Global Agendas on climate change? Absolutely not, but we must explore all the energy and technological alternatives within our reach, biofuels, synthetic fuels, cleaner thermal engines, etc...

Inflation in Spain is skyrocketing, so our current government should put on hold its plans to increase taxes on "traditional" fuels, the only ones in mass use, and delay the introduction of tolls on infrastructure already built.

Just as a reminder, road transport moves 53% of passengers and 96% of freight. With LNG at a skyrocketing price, today, professional road transport has only one real option immediately available, diesel. Things you see, my good Sancho...

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