Open letter from the President of COMBIBERIA

Open letter from the President of COMBIBERIA

After almost 30 years as Chairman of Combiberia , the time has come for him to step aside and resign from this position to become a member of the Board of Directors.

For this reason, I cannot resist the temptation to write an open letter to the world of both rail and road transport and, of course, combined transport, setting out a series of milestones and reflections which I believe may help to understand the reasons for the current level of combined rail/road transport in Spain.

Shortly after I became President of ASTIC, my dear friend and President of the Corell Foundation, Miguel Ángel Ochoa de Chinchetru, asked me to embark on the project of creating a company that, from the world of road transport, would tackle once and for all the Rail/Road collaboration in freight transport.

God knows the reluctance, criticism and objections that had to be overcome among some prominent members of ASTIC's Board of Directors in order to achieve the birth of the "Sociedad Ibérica de Transporte Intermodal S.A." (Combiberia) in 1992. (Combiberia) in 1992.

Promoted by a number of prominent road hauliers from ASTIC and with reluctance and little interest from senior managers of Renfe, but with the involvement of two people with great vision for the future, unfortunately now deceased, the president Mercedes Salas and its Director of TECO (container transport) Sagrario López Bravo, and with the approval and decisive push of the then Director General of Land Transport, Bernardo Vaquero, then Director of Renfe and Government Delegate in the same.

The road haulage sector and Renfe had always got on badly, were fierce competitors and had very bad memories, especially of a tax called "canon de coincidencia" which we road hauliers paid annually to finance the continuous deficits of the for many years.

At that time, the share of the in the land transport market in Spain was around 10%. Unfortunately, today, 30 years later, it must be around 3%. Clearly we have done very badly.

In Europe, a number of companies had been set up in the 1960s as a partnership between the two modes of land transport, in France, Novatrans, in Germany, Kombiverkehr, in Switzerland, Hupac ....etc.

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